Confiscated Kaunas - by Autobahnleitplanke

In the course of history stories go buried. Some stories are simply declared obsolete by human progress. Some ideas and people are forcibly locked away; some ideas - this is the most perfidious way of all - are deliberately turned into their opposite. The truth is turned 180 degrees. Partisans become national heroes. A benefactor becomes an egoist. Courage becomes betrayal. But some ideas survive prison and denial. They crawl out of the archives or rise as phoenix.
The Suprematisms of Lissitzky, Popova, Tatlin and Co. have ended in aseptic designs of current smartphones. At that time, the pure geometric form was supposed to radiate esprit, today it has become a commercial end in itself. Perhaps there is only one way out in Maciuna’s sense: chaos, the moment.
Autobahnleitplanke (ALP) is a four-person Vilnius born collaborative, currently based in Vienna and Berlin. They are active in the fields of performance, fine arts and media theory.

Contact: auto.leitplanke@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/autobahnleitplanke