Double Opening- Beatrice Signorello "Plantsch! Ein Sommer im Gänsehäufel" und E.d Gfrerer "Terrae"

The photo series ”Plantsch!” is intended to capture Viennese bathing culture in Gänsehäufel through the eyes of an ”imported Viennese”. Wiener Freibäder (outdoor pools) are not only soaked in history and unique, they are also closely linked to the city and its culture. A glimpse into the city’s largest outdoor Freibad exposes the Viennese soul as it relaxes on summer vacation. Through 53 visits in the last season, I could observe the rich and peculiar daily life in Gänsehäufel. During the realisation of this project, I alternated two opposite approaches: On the one hand I built a trusted bound with the most loyal regular guests. On the other hand, I observed daily visitors in distance. This resulted in a mixture of posed and intimate portraits with narrative compositions of spontaneous scenes.

terrae - challenging orders / herausfordern / herausfördern
An expedition leads into the unknown studio landscape of the OpenCave, their tectonics, the structure of their deposits, layers, crystallizations and possibly existing cavities are the focus of a longer stay. The strategy and tools of the soil investigations are based on the structural characteristics of this area, form and decide themselves on the spot. the entirety of what is found is part of the earth's crust. Soil/Sample/Set/Possibly/Mineral Resources/Resources we will see   e.d gfrerer aug. 2022


Photos of E.d Gfrerer Installations

Sneak peak of Beatrice Sognrello´s "Plantsch!"-series